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Default Re: NY Pilot Boat Mary Taylor project

It's well past time that I should write on this thread. Looks like I haven't mentioned anything for at least 2 months.

I'm still making progress on Mary Taylor, though the details have slowed me down a bit. But, I got over a bit of a hump and have been making some good progress lately. I recently finished adding fairleads at the transom, installed the bowsprit and added the structural details to that including battens, eyeband and eyebolts. I also finished making the tiller, fashioned a new foremast, added both mast coats and on the mainmast added a boom jaw rest.

Masts have been shortened slightly going with some research I found regarding the Mary Taylor's sails.

My research and plans got a big boost a couple weeks ago when I managed to contact ship modeler Rob Napier, who has done a lot of research on pilot boats of the Northeastern U.S. He was nice enough to spend an hour on the phone with me - all just about pilot boats. So, I feel pretty confident about the course I'm on in finishing Mary Taylor.

Of course, such a conversation also is leading me to more pilot boat projects. So, my next ship model will likely be Dennison J. Lawlor's Boston pilot schooner Dancing Feather, 1853. We'll see. I've also been digging up plans and information on the pilot schooner/yacht Coquette, 1846, and the pilot schooner Northern Light of Boston, 1838, as well as the Boston-built San Francisco pilot schooner Caleb Curtis, 1859.

But, if anyone has any information on plans for the Boston-built pilot schooner Daniel Webster, another one that operated out of San Francisco for a time, I'd really like to know.


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