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Default Buildlog San Juan Nepomuceno 1765 74gun 3th rate

Hello everybody,

My first project I'm willing to share with you. I've been some time away from this forum bu hey, maybe I can help someone with this project of mine and so let me introduce myself "again" properly.

My name is Peter and I'm 26 years old at the moment. I live in The Netherlands near Rotterdam.
When my girlfriend decided to take more than just one boyfriend, I needed some time to set my mind on something else. In this period 2 years ago I started with this new hobby. In this period I've build 3 ships, 2 wooden and 1 plastic.

The first is Constructo's Albatros

The second is Revell's H.M.S. Beagle

The third and most recent build ship is Amati's J-class Yacht Endeavour.

So I really liked the quality of Amati during the build. The ship was a real challenge for me, especially the planking of the hull. The sails however, they were really bad. The result is seen on the model. A thorn in my eye.

So, that was a bit of history, now go with my new project!

Building the San Juan Nepomuceno 1765

Kit from: Artesania Latina
Length: 960mm
Hight: 750mm
Width: 400mm
Scale: 1:90
Level: Probably very difficult!

Historical Notes: The San Juan Nepomuceno, 2700 tons, was constructed in the Royal Shipyard at Guarnizo (Santander), Spain, and launched in 1765. During the same period, the San Pascual, the Asis, the San Lorenzo, the Santo Domingo and the San Agustin were built as twin ships. The San Juan Nepomuceno was a solidly built ship of proven seaworthy qualities. It was outfitted with a total of 74 cannons (28-24 pound , 30-18 pound, 8-12 pound, and 8-8 pound), and was manned by 8 officers, 11 midshipmen, 19 leading seamen, and 492 able seamen. It's supply capacity was for 60 days victuals and 80 days water. It rendered numerous important services to the Armada (Fleet), some of them in the Caribbean where it participated in several sleges and was distinguished in 1779. The battle of Trafalgar is the historical feat in which it participated and of which we have the best account. In spite of being unmasted by Admiral Nelson's artillery on the 21 October 1805, it achieved glory in this battle under the command of the celebrated brigadler Don Cosme Damian Churruca and constituted for the Spaniards a handsome example of the heroism of their race and the bravery of their sailors. While the wounded Admiral Nelson continued to direct the battle, the Brigadler Churruca, whose leg had been torn off by a howitzer, the deck of his ship covered in the blood of his wounded and dead, continued to voice the command "Fire!". However, unable to break the circle of fire formed by the six enemy ships, which counted among others with the famous Defiance, Tonnant and Dreadnought, the San Juan Nepomuceno yielded with over 400 dead and injured on board. The English obtained the victory but paid a high price in lives and


__________________________________________________ ___________
__________________________________________________ ___________

Before we will start, I have to warn you because this will be a very very long reed...

The build, day 1

Off we go....The preparation!

First thing I did was cleaning my workbench and place the huge box on it.
You see, the workbench is a bit on the small size...oh dear...
I placed my Amati's keel clamper on it and have to say, this piece of equipment is wonderful. It helps me to work properly on the model and you can turn it in all directions if you want.

So, let me tell you a bit what I have in mind for this ship. I know that kitmakers often choose the easy way by making a model. For instance, the planking of the hull is not what is should be and so on... So I decided for this model that it was time to put some "Katsumoto-style" elements in it. Yes, scratching time!!!
For a novice like me, I have Little knowledge of period ships. So please be gentle with me if I don't do it "correctly"
I try to build as accurate as I can and try to use as much historical data as I can find for building a ship.

I have some great ideas already but that will show during the building process. So stay tuned!

Well, something I saw on this model, are the sternquarters. These are in the kit included of course, but they are metalcastings or something. Really ugly. So I found a company in the USA that makes some aftermarket stuff. It's from Double O laser Services. Let me show you:

__________________________________________________ ___________
__________________________________________________ ___________

to be continued...

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