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Hello, from your newest member!
by cason
31 Jan 2015 at 2:06pm
Hello everyone, I'm not quite sure what to write at this time, so I'll just say Hi, glad to be here and glad to have found this forum!
Been away for awhile
by Boltz
31 Jan 2015 at 8:06am
I was a registered member several years back, and just never had the time to devote to modeling. I really liked this site and learned a lot. It seems I have more time now, so if nothing changes I can get back to modeling which is something I really...
Ahoy! New shipmate onboard
by jbohl4456
29 Jan 2015 at 4:02pm
Hi fellow Shipmates. I'm new to the Forum and I'm not quite sure what to say at this time. So I'll just say 'Ahoy!', and I'm glad to be part of the crew!
Hi, guys
by vroom57
29 Jan 2015 at 12:46am
Thanks to having hosted me in your forum
Tool Question
by SouthPoleCat
28 Jan 2015 at 8:52am
I've been using the famed Xacto small knife and its #11 blade for decades and I have been putting a small strip of masking tape around the knurled blade holder to keep it from loosening up during use. Yes, that became a very frequent and annoying...
Lugsail rigging
by inverin1969
27 Jan 2015 at 7:57pm
I am constructing a model of a mid-19th century Cornish fishing lugger, and am nearing the point where I will be adding the rigging. I am not a sailor, and am having trouble deciphering the rigging of a lugger from archival photos and sail diagrams....
skipjack steering box
by dorgeloh
25 Jan 2015 at 3:09pm
just posted these pics in shared projects
skip jack steering
by dorgeloh
25 Jan 2015 at 3:07pm
have just uploaded photo's of my working skipjack steering gear box, used 4-4- threaded rod and gears from an old clock with a little block drilled and tapped for 4-40 link to photo...
Painting or sealing pinrails
by DavidM
25 Jan 2015 at 1:32pm
I don't know about you, but I've always had trouble keeping the paint or sealer out of the belaying pin holes. Here is my solution: Tooth picks. I cut off about the first 3/8" of each end, and wedge them into all the holes (except for one in the...
Ship Modeling Humor
by Billcartoons
25 Jan 2015 at 10:07am
As a professional cartoonist and avid ship modeler, I've on more than one occasion brought the two together - here's one of my ship modeling cartoons that recently appeared in newspapers - hope you enjoy:...
Retiring soon!
by Granitestate
25 Jan 2015 at 8:05am
Looking to revive old hobby.

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